LotStocks | Invest In What You Know

Invest In What You Know

The Platform

LotStocks is the trading platform for the things you love

Collectibles are investments, LotStocks is where you can trade them.

We use crowd funding to pick the most popular products

Pledges are collected and turned into shares once the item is purchased. Think of this like an IPO for things.

LotStocks Market

Items that reach their goal are added to the Exchange

The shares are initially given to those who pledged but can then be purchased by anyone.

LotStocks Market

Make money trading what you love

Diversify your portfolio with trading cards, soes, classic cars, Wrist Watches, you name it. If we can get it you can trade it.

LotStocks Market

How Does It Work?

Why Choose LotStocks?

  Sells Products For You Stores Products, Ships Products Trade Products With Other People Work Together With Other Sellers No Referral Fees, No Transaction Fees